About Us

Established in 2005, First Impressions Wireless in Springfield, MO is a leading provider of nationwide wireless products and services. At First Impressions Wireless, we are committed to delivering exciting alternatives for going wireless. On a Monthly basis, without credit checks and long-term contracts, you receive more of what you want from a wireless service. As one of the most trusted names in wireless, we are dedicated to providing innovative, simple, affordable and customer focused solutions that put YOU in control.

With First Impressions Wireless Normal Monthly Plans, you’re connected and in control. With our Unlimited plans, you are free to call who you want when you want…every day, anytime! Best of all, you get nationwide coverage and U.S. long distance included. There are no long term contracts, monthly bills , credit checks,No prepaid – only flexible plans that fit your lifestyle and budget. Every plan includes the features you want and the coverage you need. Simply choose a phone, select a plan and start talking!

We want to make wireless service more accessible to more people regardless of age, location, or income. It’s not only our mission, but also our promise. We call it the FIRST IMPRESSIONS WIRELESS Mobile Difference!

Wireless service is no longer simply a luxury for millions of Americans that is nice to have, but has quickly become a necessity in our personal and professional everyday lives. FIRST IMPRESSIONS WIRELESS is committed to building a better wireless future for all of its customers through the introduction of innovative, simple, affordable, and customer focused wireless service offering where you are in the “drivers seat”.


  • Rate Plans that Fit You – Several Options With Low MONTHLY Rates
  • All across the Nation – nationwide coverage, free long distance, free roaming and night and weekend minutes.
  • No More Surprises – No Credit check-Not a Prepaid plan.

Traditionally, wireless service providers set the rules and customers pay the price with high per minute pricing, uncontrollable monthly bills, inflexible minute policies, complicated service upgrades & downgrades, inconvenient airtime replenishment and restricted nationwide service.

As a result of the rules and restrictions set by many wireless service providers, customers experience little freedom and benefits in association with their wireless usage. First Impressions Wireless is determined to put our customers in control and create a level wireless playing field for everyone. All First Impressions Wireless customers enjoy an improved and equitable wireless experience.

Still, it takes more than innovative ideas, commitment, and promises to evoke change when it comes to providing a superior, customer-focused wireless service. An extraordinary, nationwide, wireless network that enables crystal clear communication is a must. First Impressions Wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile Towers.